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Each pouch makes approximately 10 - 6 oz servings of Hot Tea and 2 quarts of Ice Tea

Hot Tea:

Bring water to desire temperature Green tea- 175-195 Degrees

All other teas- 203-212 (boiling)

Steep for given time, the longer the time the stronger the tea

Do not over steep- tea will become bitter

Ice Tea:

Coffee Pot Method:

                Option 1: Brew 2 quarts of water (8 -8 oz cups) Add sugar to desire sweetness. Then cool.

                Option 2: Brew 6- 8oz cups of water. Rebrew the tea, again, with the same tea leaves. Add sugar to desire sweetness.
Then add up to 4 cups of ice.

Ice Tea Maker Method:

                Follow Manufacture instruction for 2 quarts of ice tea